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UK Unionism

A collection of articles by Stephen Bailey exposing the intrinsic flaws of legislative devolution and promoting a unitary United Kingdom.

Latest from the Blog

Today is St. George’s Day

By Stephen Bailey St George is the patron saint of England, one of the constituent parts of a single nation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland which includes Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The flag of Saint George is just a patron saint flag, not the national foag of a sovereign country…

Why legislative devolution is so detrimental to the U.K.

By Stephen Bailey LEGISLATIVE devolution has to set up legislatures (Holyrood, the Welsh ‘parliament’ and Stormont), otherwise they can’t pass legislation (hence ‘legislative’ devolution). Devolved legislatures create the possibility that modern aggressive anti – U.K. nationalism (the S.N.P., Plaid Cymru and I.R.A./ Sinn Fein) can rise to power in that legislature and pursue an independence/…

Charles III, the Blairite Royals and the future of the Monarchy

By Stephen Bailey The roots of the current Monarchy’s public image go back to the First World War and interwar years (1918 – 39) when the then Royals had to distance themselves from their German roots (their family name was Saxe – Coburg – Gotha) as it caused palpable disquiet amongst the public because the…

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